PORTLAND, OR (September 2006) — LaCie today=20
announced it has expanded its range of LaCie SAFE=20
Hard Drives to include a desktop edition with=20
enhanced security features. LaCie now offers a=20
full range of secure desktop and mobile hard=20
drives with biometric access control designed to=20
protect confidential data from unauthorized use.=20
The new LaCie SAFE Hard Drive comes in capacities=20
of 160GB, 320GB or 500GB with a universal=20
Hi-Speed USB 2.0 interface for use on PC and/or=20
Mac. Enhanced security features include an=20
internal drive lock and an external port for=20
attaching an optional chain lock.

“We’ve grown our SAFE range to accommodate the=20
demand for larger capacity biometric hard drives=20
for office or home use,” says Marie Renouard,=20
LaCie Product Manager. “The LaCie SAFE Hard=20
Drives offers three levels of security for your=20
private files, whether you need to back up=20
personal financial documents or protect=20
intellectual property. You can rest easy knowing=20
that your data will be kept private in the LaCie=20

In addition to biometric access control via a=20
simple fingerprint swipe, LaCie SAFE Desktop &=20
Mobile Hard Drives now come with internal=20
firmware called “Drive Lock” that prevents data=20
from being accessed if removed from the case and=20
plugged in to another machine. Desktop editions=20
also include a secure chain lock port for=20
attaching the SAFE hard drive to a desk to=20
prevent theft (chain available separately from=20

The LaCie SAFE Hard Drive is ideal for guarding=20
confidential information at work and shielding=20
private files at home. Up to 10 fingerprints and=20
up to five users can be registered with personal=20
and customized access privileges such as full=20
access to the drive (read/write) or read-only.=20
Once registered, a simple finger swipe locks and=20
unlocks the drive if users need to step away from=20
their desk for a meeting or to run an errand.

Easy to set up and use, LaCie SAFE Hard Drive=20
comes with Hi-Speed USB 2.0 for use with a PC=20
and/or Mac. LaCie also offers a=20
hardware-encrypted mobile edition for business=20
travelers who need the highest level of security=20


* Protect confidential data from unauthorized use

* Capacities of 40-120GB (Mobile Edition), 160-500GB (Desktop Edition)

* Ideal for parental control and protecting intellectual property

* Biometric access means only registered users can lock or unlock the drive

* Internal drive lock prevents intruders from accessing data

* External chain lock port allows owners to=20
attach to a desk (chain sold separately)

* Register and customize access for up to five users

* Hi-Speed USB 2.0 hard drive for PC and/or Mac

* Easy to set up and use

* Comes with LaCie Backup Software for PC/Mac

LaCie SAFE Hard Drives are available for=20
pre-order immediately via LaCie websites and=20
widely available via LaCie’s specialized dealer=20
network in August at the suggested retail prices=20
below. Drives ship with LaCie 1-Click Backup=20
Software for PC/Mac and full-featured LaCie=20
SilverKeeper Backup Software for Mac OS X. For=20
more information, visit www.lacie.com.

Desktop Editions
LaCie SAFE Hard Drive 160GB 7200rpm 8MB $179.99 USD

LaCie SAFE Hard Drive 320GB 7200rpm 16MB $219.99 USD

LaCie SAFE Hard Drive 500GB 7200rpm 16MB $369.99 USD

Mobile Editions
LaCie SAFE Mobile Hard Drive 40GB 5400rpm $99.99 USD

LaCie SAFE Mobile Hard Drive 80GB 5400rpm $169.99 USD

LaCie SAFE Mobile Hard Drive 120GB 4200rpm $279.99 USD

LaCie SAFE Mobile Hard Drive with Encryption 80GB 5400rpm $219.99 USD

LaCie SAFE Mobile Hard Drive with Encryption 120GB 4200rpm $299.99 USD

About LaCie
LaCie creates external storage solutions and=20
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by the internationally acclaimed Philippe Starck,=20
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