SpiderWorks Delivers First Book Dedicated to Dashboard
With Help From Lulu’s Print-On-Demand Technology

Speed-to-Market a Key Factor in the SpiderWorks Release of “Mac OS X
Technology Guide to Dashboard” by world-renowned JavaScript and Dynamic
HTML expert, Danny Goodman, at Lulu.com

MORRISVILLE, NC–JULY 11, 2005– The publication of the first book
dedicated to Dashboard, “Mac OS X Technology Guide to Dashboard” by Danny
Goodman, was today announced by Lulu (www.lulu.com), the world’s
fastest-growing provider of print-on-demand books, and Spiderworks
(www.spiderworks.com), a specialist in how-to eBooks and printed books.

Included with the recently released Mac OS X Tiger, Dashboard hosts handy
mini-application widgets that let you perform common tasks and provide you
with fast access to information in a single click. Author Danny Goodman
shows readers how to build rock-solid, professional widgets for Dashboard
in his new SpiderWorks book, available only at SpiderWorks.com and Lulu.com.

SpiderWorks wanted speed-to-market, and Lulu’s print-on-demand technology
delivered. The book’s immediate availability guaranteed that SpiderWorks
would have the first published book dedicated to Dashboard.

“The release of the new SpiderWorks title is a perfect example of the
benefits of print-on-demand technology through Lulu.com,” said Bob Young,
CEO, Lulu. “Print-on-demand allows us to accept last minute changes to the
text, so you can finish writing the night before launch and still be the
first to market. You cannot deny the edge that ‘first to market’ and ‘speed
to market’ delivers in today’s competitive environments.”

“We love working with Lulu because their services allow us to release
time-sensitive books on new technologies much faster than traditional
publishing channels. Lulu enables us to empower our customers with the
information they need when they need it,” said Dave Wooldridge, SpiderWorks.

Other SpiderWorks Mac OS X Technology Guides include Ben Waldie’s “Mac OS X
Technology Guide to Automator” and forthcoming books on Spotlight. Please
visit the SpiderWorks.com web site for details.

About Lulu
Lulu (www.lulu.com) is the world’s fastest-growing producer of
print-on-demand books — and a way for authors of all kinds to publish and
sell their books. Founded by Bob Young, who previously co-founded Red Hat,
the open source software company, Lulu provides independent publishers with
free access to on-demand publishing tools for books, e-books, music, images
and calendars.

About SpiderWorks, LLC
SpiderWorks specializes in how-to eBooks and printed books, providing
quality content from respected authors at a low price. Where it takes some
publishers several months to get new technology-related books into the
hands of customers, SpiderWorks is able to bypass those traditional print
production hurdles by embracing the eBook format and utilizing the advanced
print-on-demand publishing services of Lulu.com, satisfying the immediate
needs of today’s digital lifestyles in a timely, cost-effective manner. For
more information, visit http://www.spiderworks.com