iWorx Systems (http://www.iworx.com) — a developer of advanced data acquisition hardware and software for physiology research and teaching — has introduced the IX-ECG12 12-Lead ECG Recorder for ECG analysis of resting and exercising humans or animals.

Measuring all 12 ECG leads simultaneously, this compact, computer-based ECG recorder enables highly detailed analysis of the anterior, lateral and inferior regions of the heart. The IX- ECG12 connects to and is powered by a USB port on any Mac or Windows computer. Data is recorded and analyzed with iWorx advanced LabScribe2 ECG Software Module.

The LabScribe2 ECG Software Module automates the analysis of ECG data and provides a comprehensive set of pre-configured routines to simplify data interpretation and analysis. Specific analysis templates are included to delineate PQRST onset, durations and amplitudes. Custom templates can also be created based on unique ECG profiles and saved to a library for future use.

The LabScribe2 ECG Module includes a list of 24 calculations including R-R, PR, QT, QR and QTc intervals, QRS, T, P and TP durations, P, Q, R, S, T amplitudes and ST elevation. Other features include beat averaging, beat classification and outlier removal based on abnormal R-R intervals, heart rate, noise and activity, Poincaré plots and scattergrams and the ability to extract source data and average data as images or text files.

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