“Simple, fun, full-featured. Tough tearing yourself away.”

— 5 Stars (outstanding), Daniel M. East, Layers Magazine

Merrimack, New Hampshire, USA — July 1, 2005 — ShutterBug 1.2, from
XtraLean Software, offers more improvements and a more streamlined user
interface giving users more flexibility and control over their online
photos and web pages. Available immediately from, ShutterBug
brings many new features such as page centering, color and transparency
options for watermarks, mouse hover tool tips for captions, plus much more
for only $34.

Some of the new features for this version include: horizontal and vertical
page centering with one click of a button, new diagonal repeating watermark
for photos, color and transparency controls for watermarks, alphabetical
sorting of photos upon import, floating tool tips for captions when mouse
hovers over image, and alt tags for images. Additionally, XtraLean’s own
proprietary browser lets users preview their sites exactly the way they
will display in all modern browsers on multiple platforms without any extra
hassle to the user. Improved HTML output removes the frustration associated
with rendering inconsistencies between different browsers, allowing users
to focus on their content inside a smooth workflow environment.

ShutterBug’s improved interface adds an optional “Hide/Show Tools” feature
to provide more work space in the layout window, plus saving the same
window size between launches and more visual queues added to the interface,
make ShutterBug even easier to use and understand than ever before. Other
improvements include better handling of HTML special characters, better
rendering of bullet points in HTML output, masthead will link if using a
graphic and no text, improvements on error detection and correction on
exporting of websites, plus minor bug fixes.

ShutterBug V1.2 is available immediately and requires Mac OS X 10.3.6 or
higher. ShutterBug supports dot Mac accounts, WebDAV, and can be exported
to a folder to use FTP to upload websites. A full-featured demo version of
ShutterBug can be tried for free. A registration number can be purchased
for $34 USD. This is a free update to registered ShutterBug users. To learn
more about ShutterBug, please visit XtraLean
offers full customer support, help documentation, and welcomes all feedback
on its current products.

About XtraLean Software, Inc.

Founded in 2002, XtraLean Software is a small software developer for the
Mac OS X platform with over a decade of experience in developing and
marketing leading edge applications on the alternative platform. XtraLean
Software is committed to creating affordable and innovative software for
Mac OS X users by providing slim and useful alternatives that give users
what they ask for.