Ohanaware has released Shine 1.1, an update to their photo enhancing application for Mac OS X (10.6 or higher). It now supports large images, users one-third less memory, and boast rendering speed twice as fast as before.

Shine is designed to enhance digital photos by using lighting effects such as Light Rays and Lens Flares, and enhancing the color of the photo by using gradient tints. It also features other enhancing effects such as Sun, Dynamic Contrast, Highlight Glow and a “Light Fall Off” (also known as Vignette) effect. On OS X 10.7 and 10.8, the application can run in full screen mode.

Shine is available at Ohanaware’s website (www.ohanaware.com) for US$9.99 for a single user license, discounted. That’s a limited time price; afterward the price will be $19.99. A free (watermarking) trial can be downloaded from the Ohanaware web site.