Prosoft Engineering Announces Pod Genius For Mac OS X at Mac Expo Germany.

Pleasanton, CA — June 16, 2005 – Prosoft Engineering announces Pod Genius
for Mac OS X. Prosoft will demonstrate Pod Genius, along with four other
award-winning products including Data Rescue, Drive Genius, Data Backup and
Picture Rescue, at MacExpo Germany in Cologne, June 16-18, 2005.

Pod Genius for Mac OS X, is a comprehensive software utility geared
specifically toward iPod users. It will be introduced and demonstrated at
Mac Expo Germany on Thursday.

“iPods have quickly become the hottest, must have gadget. With all the
songs and files, our iPods can quickly become overloaded with files.
Mechanical parts wear and fatigue, your iPod begins to operate more slowly,
and eventually fails. Your only defense is to carefully monitor and manage
your iPod so you can be sure it is in good health and working at peak
efficiency at all times — You’ve invested a lot into your iPod and music,
you want to make sure your iPod will faithfully perform and your investment
is well-protected,” states Greg Brewer, CEO of Prosoft Engineering. “We are
dedicated to providing a feature rich, easy to use software utility that
will let you take control of your iPod, and your digital life.”

Pod Genius — Maintain, Manage, and Optimize Your iPod.

Pod Genius is the only comprehensive software utility geared specifically
toward iPod users. Recover lost or damaged music, repair corrupted data
structures, backup your iPod to an exact copy, permanently delete unwanted
files, or optimize the file layout of your music. You’ve invested a lot
into your iPod and music, with Pod Genius, you can be sure your iPod will
faithfully perform and your investment will be protected.

Pod Genius’s Eight Must-Have Utilities In One Package.

* Backup: Make an exact clone of your iPod for safe keeping. Use your
backup as protection against data loss.

* Optimize: Increase battery life and minimize wear-and-tear. Your songs
get optimized in the order that you want to hear them, minimizing hard
drive access and reducing the work your iPod has to do.

* Undelete: Accidentally deleted music? Undelete quickly recovers them in
perfect condition.

* Shred: Permanently delete your songs and files from your iPod. Do your
part to protect against music piracy… if you sell or donate your iPod,
shred your music to prevent unauthorized use.

* Duplicate: Make an exact copy of your iPod on another iPod — perfect
when you are migrating your music to a newer iPod model.

* Scan: Analyze your iPod’s hard drive for media defects that can endanger
your music files.

* Info: Display detailed information about your iPod’s hard drive to enable
sophisticated troubleshooting.

About Prosoft Engineering

Established in 1985, Prosoft Engineering, Inc. specializes in creating
professional quality software designed to be easily used by both novice and
expert users. Prosoft’s line of networking and utility software products
are engineered to empower users to effectively manage their data. Prosoft
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