Jumsoft Adds Keynote Photos 1.0

(June 16, 2005) — Jumsoft, the leading developer of Apple Keynote theme
and illustration add-ons, has expanded its Keynote repertoire with the
release of Keynote Photos 1.0, a collection of more than 100 colorful,
intricately textured photographs.

Photos 1.0 fills the more traditional “rectangular” niche within Jumsoft’s
Keynote Quartet ’05, a newly upgraded and greatly expanded software suite
created to maximize the potential of Apple’s Keynote and Pages presentation
and publishing applications.

Earlier this year, Jumsoft released over 200 powerful animations and
photographic still lifes–all with transparent backgrounds–to complement
its recent rollout of 27 original Keynote themes. Photos 1.0 gives users
the selection they need when photographic backgrounds are an asset, not a
drawback, to creativity. Jumsoft’s high-quality photos, all compatible with
Apple’s highest Keynote slide resolution of 1024×768 ppi, give users the
images they need for that special background or foreground.

Jumsoft’s photographic team explored a wide range of colorful families of
texture–from feathers to flowers, from wood to metal, from fabric to frost
to reflections and more–to give users wide choices suitable for multiple
presentation subjects and situations.

Not just for Keynote presentations, Jumsoft’s images are also great for
illustrating print and electronic documents in iWorks Pages, Microsoft
PowerPoint presentations–or anything else benefiting from that traditional
photographic touch.

Keynote Photos 1.0 requires Apple Keynote 1.x or 2.x. Available at
(http://www.jumsoft.com)www.jumsoft.com for $39 if purchased singly,
Keynote Photos 1.0 is included as part of the Keynote Quartet ’05, a
cohesive package that sells for $99 and features Keynote Themes 4.0,
Keynote Animations 3.0, Keynote Photos 1.0 and Keynote Stills 2.0.

Keynote Quartet ’05:
(http://www.jumsoft.com/quartet)www.jumsoft.com/quartet Keynote Photos 1.0:

About Jumsoft
Jumsoft’s team of software developers focuses primarily on creating
powerful, exciting, easy-to-use applications for Mac OS X. Popular Jumsoft
software in addition to the Keynote Quartet includes: Process 1.2, the
innovative, award-winning outlining application that links planning and
scheduling to project-specific resources such as web sites, PDF files and
text documents; MailHere 3.0, an efficient mail notification utility, and
Money 1.3.5 for personal accounting. For more information, please visit the
company’s website at (http://www.jumsoft.com)www.jumsoft.com.