ASHLAND, OR. — January 15, 2002 — Open Door Networks Inc. today announced
that it was shipping version 1.1.1 of its Who’s There? Firewall Advisor for
Mac OS 8 and 9. Who’s There? Firewall Advisor, available since January
2001, enhances Macintosh Internet security by helping users analyze,
investigate and respond to access attempts to their Macintosh. Who’s There?
Firewall Advisor 1.1.1, a free upgrade, brings the Mac OS 8/9 version up to
date with the Mac OS X version.

With an ever-growing number of computers connected to the Internet through
“always on” connections, there has been a significant increase in the
number of hackers attempting to infiltrate those computers. Personal
firewalls have been developed to thwart and log those attempts. As the
number of attempts has risen, however, users have become increasingly
confused as to the degree to which they should be concerned and what they
can do in response. Who’s There? Firewall Advisor works with the user’s
firewall to answer those questions.

Who’s There? Firewall Advisor supports Open Door’s DoorStop firewall,
Symantec’s Norton Personal Firewall, Sustainable Softworks IPNetSentry and
any other firewall that uses the Macintosh-standard “WebSTAR” log format.
New features of Who’s There? 1.1.1 include:

– A column indicating whether an email has been sent in response to a
particular access attempt

– Support for new top-level domain names like .biz and .info

– Updated information and advice about particular attacks

– Bug fixes.

The free 1.1.1 upgrade, a free evaluation version of the product itself and
additional details on the product are available directly from the Who’s
There? Web site at . Who’s There? can
also be purchased from the site, for $39. A Mac OS X version of the product
(1.1) is available as well.

Open Door Networks, Inc. is a leading provider of Internet security
solutions for the Macintosh, and the developer of Mac OS 9’s TCP/IP File
Sharing feature. Open Door was founded in January, 1995 by Alan
Oppenheimer, an 11-year Apple veteran and co-creator of the AppleTalk
network system. Open Door’s mission is to provide Macintosh users with
Internet solutions that are as easy-to-use and as powerful as the Macintosh
itself. Open Door Networks is based in Ashland, Oregon.