From today on you can find Monkey Bread Software’s new REALbasic
Plug-in collection on

This big plug-in enhances REALbasic with over hundred new functions,
methods and properties. Some highlights:

– Details about IDE drives (like serial number)
– Calculation of checksums
– Filemapping class
– Icons of files
– Filestreams for files bigger than 2 GB
– Bitwise functions
– NameRegistry class (Hardware details)
– Functions to access special folders (z.B. Picturefolder)
– Create pictures from strings
– Details about battery in Powerbooks
– Fast search on drives (CatSearch)
– Details about the CPU
– Encryption class
– Alias class
– Folderitem of your running app
– Simulating a keydown (Presskey class)
– extended Graphics class for Arcs
– extended Folderitem class. (e.g. isPicturefile)
– extended Memoryblock class.
– extended System class. (e.g. MACAddress)
– extended Window class.

This plug-in supports Mac OS Classic, Mac OS X (Carbon) and Win32, but
some functions depend on some platforms.

Please take a look on it and if you have a comment or find a bug, please

Online Readme can be found on

Christian Schmitz

Spiel des Lebens 3.0 ist fertig!
F=FCr MacOS 7 bis 9, MacOS X und Windows ab ’95.

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