“The Web’s Typewriter” — UserLand Software Introduces a New Publishing and
Knowledge Management Tool to Desktop Users

MILLBRAE, Calif, Jan. 16 /PRNewswire/ — Publishing websites and weblogs
just got easier thanks to UserLand Software’s introduction of Radio
UserLand 8.0 — a new desktop Web publishing product for use in personal
publishing and corporate knowledge management. With Radio UserLand 8.0
users on computers with Macintosh OS X, Macintosh, or Microsoft Windows
operating systems can build a full-featured personal website within minutes
of downloading the free trial version. It’s so empowering that new users
are calling it “the Web’s typewriter.”

The $39.95 software package comes with everything you need to build and
publish websites including hosting, your own URL, a news reader that
gathers news from top news sites and weblogs, browser-based editing that’s
super easy, a complete development environment, and one-button
“push-it-and-read-it” publishing.

“Radio’s success shows that users like having control of their data, and
the uniform performance of Web apps that run on their desktop,” said Dave
Winer, CEO of UserLand Software. “Radio makes it easy for you to create new
applications that go far beyond those that we’ve created.”

“I finally had a chance to use Radio today. Simplicity is very difficult,
and from my perspective you (UserLand) seem to have hit the mark. Nice
product, nice user experience,” said Ray Ozzie, CEO of Groove Networks.
“It’s great to see innovation coming back to client-side development;
architecture matters, software matters.”

“I’m going to make a bold claim — Radio is the Lotus 1-2-3 of weblogging.
It’s bold if you know the history of desktop computing and what Lotus 1-2-3
represented,” said Karl Martino, Technology Development Manager for
KnightRidder Digital.

“My father could do this,” said Dan Shafer, founder of CNET’s Builder.com
website and conference series. “He can’t (won’t) learn HTML or futz around
with FTP or even site tools like GeoCities where he doesn’t have that much
to learn. But Radio is the Web’s typewriter.”

Weblogs have emerged as a powerful knowledge management tool for
corporations and education. Radio is a weblog tool that makes it easy for
employees to quickly publish knowledge to an intranet where it is archived
and is accessible to other employees using search engines.

Radio is available immediately through UserLand’s website at
http://radio.userland.com as both a free 30-day trial and as a purchase for

UserLand Software, http://www.userland.com/, incorporated in 1988, is
turning the Web into a fantastic writing environment with Manila, a
browser-based content management application; and Radio UserLand a desktop
web application server. UserLand is also active in standards processes
relating to distributed computing with Microsoft, IBM, and Netscape.
UserLand is a privately held company based in Millbrae, CA.