iTunes Catalog 2.1

KavaSoft announces iTunes Catalog 2.1 for Mac OS X. iTunes Catalog creates
interactive web catalogs of your iTunes music library. Visitors to your
website can browse your music collection, see the artwork for each album,
and even play your music online.

iTunes Catalog is also versatile artwork manager. It can download artwork
from and add it directly to your iTunes music, or even to your

iTunes Catalog 2.1 gives you more control over what music is included in
the catalog. You can choose to include certain playlists with your favorite
music. Or if you don’t want to share some music, you can choose to exclude
podcasts, videos, or other playlists.

iTunes Catalog 2.1 can now publish catalogs to your FTP server better than
ever. Publishing is now faster, and new connectivity options improve
compatibility with different servers.

iTunes Catalog creates web catalogs that look and work just like iTunes,
but on the web. Your music collection can be browsed by genre, artist and
album using the familiar iTunes column browser. Catalogs are fully
searchable by artist, album or song name.

iTunes Catalog can also create web catalogs that look and work just like an
iPod. Visitors can browse your music using the iPod interface, and even
play music. It can also create catalogs right from your iPod.

Your web catalog is a great way to introduce everyone to your favorite
music. Your personalized home page shows your most played artists, recently
added albums, recently played songs, and top rated albums. Visitors can
then click on the music they like to buy it directly from the iTunes Music

iTunes Catalog is a universal application, and requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or
later. It is available in English, French, German, Japanese, Italian and

iTunes Catalog costs $24.99 and can be purchased using PayPal or Kagi. You
can try all the features of iTunes Catalog on part of your library for free.