PowerMail 5.2 (rev. 5.2.1) for Mac OS X has now
been released

This version marks PowerMail’s 10th anniversary, and can be found (30-day
evaluation and updates) at:


You may find out more on the product from:


A full list of changes can be found at:

(http://www.ctmdev.com/documentation/Read_me.html) and even more:

PowerMail 5.2 (rev. 5.2.1) pricing:
Free for registered PowerMail 5 users
29 Euro for registered PowerMail 3.x and 4.x users
49 Euro for new customers

A PowerMail 5.2 (rev. 5.2.1) with SpamSieve bundle is available for:
45 Euro for registered PowerMail 3.x and 4.x users
65 Euro for new customers

New, lower pricing for site-licenses is now also available:

Thank you very much – as always – for putting the word out! And please do
let us know if you need an NFR copy to review, which we would be glad to
send you.

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Chantal Favre (powermail@mac.com)
CTM Development, Switzerland (http://www.ctmdev.com)

) POWERMAIL 5.2 (rev. 5.2.1) RELEASE NOTES – JUNE 14TH, 2005

)) PowerMail 5.2.1 change list (from 5.2)


* PowerMail 5.2 could hang for about a minute when accessing the network
under certain circumstances
* The load images button (when displaying an HTML message, and image
display is turned off in the preferences) did not work with Mac OS X
10.3.9 or Tiger
* When creating a new PowerMail database on Mac OS X 10.4, Spotlight
indexing is now turned on by default
* Dates in PowerMail 5.2 were displayed as specified by the system
preferences on Mac OS X 10.2 or 10.4, but not on 10.3. Additionnally,
dates in non roman character sets (japanese etc) were partially
displayed on Mac OS X 10.3 or 10.4

)) PowerMail 5.2 change list (from 5.1)


* PowerMail now supports the searching of its database using
SpotLight (requires Mac OS X 10.4 build 8A25 or later) in addition to
its built-in, enhanced FoxTrot search engine:
o If you double-click on a found item in Spotlight, it will not
just open it as an orphaned document window in PowerMail but
actually open the corresponding message in the database itself.
o For users who have one or more inactive (archive) databases, open
them with PowerMail 5.2 and reindex them; you will see that all
of your current and archived mail can be searched in one go
using Spotlight, whether or not the message is contained in
your current mail database.
* Support for secure transport on SMTP, POP3 and IMAP4 using the
command (connection on the same port) in addition to specific SSL port
o For STMP, this can now be configured both on a per-account basis
as well as for all accounts in the Mail Schedulings=92=C4=B6: Loca=
setup pane
* Added the ability to import mail from Apple’s Mail 2.0 (Tiger)
* Added the ability to export tabulated text in Unicode UTF-8 format,
i.e. for exporting international text to recent versions of FileMaker
* The Spam filtering architecture adds integration with Intego Personal

Improvements and tweaks

* Times are now displayed relatively to the current time zone, but using
the daylight saving time in effect at that time. This means that a
message sent at 12:00 when Daylight Savings Time (DST) was not active
will continue to be displayed as sent at 12:00 when you look at it
days or months later when DST is active; if you however travel and
change time zones, the message will no longer appear as sent at 12:00
* Upon marking a spam message as good, its attachments are nowmoved out
of the trash.
* When creating multiple mail filters with a “spam rating” condition,
you can now adjust a slider to have different actions for messages
with different spam levels. Note that when using SpamSieve, it is
highly recommended that you treat messages with a spam rating )=3D 50
as spam, and the other as good, and that you use the mark
as good/mark as spam commands when SpamSieve makes mistakes, so it can
learn from them. Additionally, note that having multiple filters with
a “spam rating” condition can make the spam filter assistant to not
behave as expected, that’s why a warning dialog will be displayed in
such cases
* When evaluating the “From/Sender/Reply To is not in address book” (or
“is not in previous recipients”) filter, a message whose sender is
your own address (the one set in the account of the message) is now
treated as if the address were not in the address book (or the
previous recipients) gien than some spammers send messages using your
own address for the “From” field.
* The message list can now be scrolled horizontally using mice or
trackpads with horizontal scroll control (two-finger scrolling with
the appropriate extension installed)
* A new method is used to determine when the computer is connected to
network; this may fix some difficultes when PowerMail tried to connect
immediately after wake-up
* We now allow a fresh 30-day evaluation period for those who had let an
earlier PowerMail evaluation period expire
* When creating the “Mail” folder in the user’s home folder, we now set
its permissions as readable by the owner only (it was previously set
to be writable by the user only, but readable by the group). The
permission is not changed if the “Mail” folder already exists, or if
your database already exists in another location
* Updated the version of SpamSieve on the disk image to 2.3.1
* Includes English, German, French, Italian, Dutch and Swedish language


* AppleScripts that were previously stored inside the app package
are now stored in the user’s Application Support folder; this should
prevent access privilege problems:
o when the user has no write access to the application
o for scripts that need to save persistent variables
o for scripts that need to save aliases to other applications (such
as SpamSieve integration scripts)
* An error of type “Class=3D’file’; what=3D100; when=3D4; err=3D-47″=
could occur
when receiving or sending attachments, when certain antivirus software
(notably from Symantec) were installed
* PowerMail sometimes pretended that there is not enough free space on
the disk to compact the database
* A crash could sometimes happen when importing a message whose size was
an exact multiple of 4096 bytes
* An error could occur when exporting the database with the attachments
included, and some attachments are not found.
* Fixed a drawing problem for messages contains end of lines in the
subject; it was also possible to send such messages when pasting text
in the subject field
* Some received messages could be marked as addressed “To” when in fact
they were really of “BCC”
* When the notifications preferences are set to open the Recent Mail
window without bringing it to the front, the front window no longer
looses the keyboard focus
* A crash could occur when quitting PowerMail if no mail browser, folder
list or message window was opened.
* It was not possible to export the database unless the mail browser
window was opened
* When replying to a message, the header “references” is now properly
set according to the latest RFC specifications.
* The message-ID header was not correctly generated when using a SMTP
port other than 25
* PowerMail now accurately decodes MIME attachments with a uuencode,
uue or x-uue encoding (in addition to the more standard x-uuencode).
It can also decode non-conformant uuencoded attachments missing
the “begin” line
* Upon exporting, read messages were ignored in folders in “View unread”
* When forwarding or redirecting a draft message, the message would its
draft status
* When an HTML message was displayed, the mouse wheel did not work in
other panes or windows, notable overlying windows
* An SMTP connection could hang when the SMTP server rejected a message
after having received the DATA command (for example, if it rejects it
because of a virus)
* When a sent attachment is on a disconnected network volume or an
offline disk, PowerMail no longer tries to mount the volume when
displaying the message, nor when compacting or checking the database
* When a folder is viewed using the “view unread” mode, the status bar
more clearly indicates this fact by showing both the number of
messages displayed, and the total number of messages in the folder
* Copying the subject of a message from the message list, and pasting it
to the view only field, did not work
* When performing “retrieve completely now” on a partial message opened
in its own window, the window was left empty.
* A crash could occur when upload a message to an IMAP server
* It was impossible to export the database unless the mail browser
window was opened
* When the notifications preferences are set to open the recent mail
window without bringing it to the front, the front window no longer
looses the keyboard focus
* PowerMail could erroneously pretend that there is not enough free
space on the disk to compact the database – especially when
approaching the 2-gigabyte limit for databases
* An error could occur when exporting the database with the attachments
included if some attachments could not be found.
* Some exceptions and errors were reported as unknown errors, instead of
giving the more detailed information that we are accustomed to
* Updated the display of dates to a more modern method known to be
compatible with X 10.4, 10.3 and 10.2

PowerMail 5 feature overview

* Better at fighting spam:
o Built-in filters enhancement for dealing with spam
o Tight integration with SpamSieve for best efficiency
* Improved performance and functionality:
o Now ships as Mac OS X-only Mach-0 binary (requires Mac OS
X 10.2.8 or later)
o Much faster when fetching, filtering and storing
o Many more filter actions (including by content)
o Delete messages after “n” days in the Mail trash
o Ability to process incorrectly-decoded messages again
o Long file names and alias support for attachments
o Ability to export attachments along with messages
* User interface enhancements:
o Fully customizable toolbars in mail browser, recent
mail, message window, address book and setting dialogs,
with extra addable toolbar buttons
o New multiple “Undo” feature on moving messages, change
status, mark read/unread, mark as spam/mark as good
o Ability to use System sounds and custom sounds
o New filter interface eases editing of complex rules
o Configurable Address history and Recent mail view
o Supports .sitx decompression if Stuffit Engine is
o Integrated and customizable Mac OS X toolbar
o Live resizing of windows
o Better organization of the Scripts menu

PowerMail for Mac OS X is a product of CTM Development