ADHOC 2005 Sessions Announcement

Apple is moving to Intel — Don’t Panic!

Come to ADHOC and learn what developers need to do.

Held in Dearborn, Michigan from July 27th through 31st (a little over a
month after WWDC), ADHOC has always been focused on giving developers the
edge when it comes to using the latest & greatest technologies to navigate
your code from start to finish. Now that Mac OS developers have yet another
transition to deal with, the conference also known as MacHack is here as
always to help the navigation go smoothly.

In addition to talking about the move to Intel, developers will also be
networking and talking about their experiences using open source code
(where to find it and how to use it), developing for a multi-platform
world, getting tasks programmed easily and quickly using RealBasic and
Cocoa, how to take advantage of the latest enhancements to Mac OS 10.4.

Here is just a sampling of the sessions already on the schedule:

* Supporting Intel Macs: The Easy Stuff
* Supporting Intel Macs: The Nitty Gritty
* Cross-Platform Approaches from a Macintosh Perspective
* Inside Dashboard Widgets
* Techniques for Using Network or Local Resources under Carbon
* Hacking the Press (getting your software noticed by the media, so it
gets noticed by your potential customers!)
* How to Write Windows Mobile Plugins & Palm Conduits
* Successful Project Management

Take a look at the list at ( More
sessions to be scheduled soon!

Because ADHOC is a conference organized by developers for developers, if
you have talents & techniques & tips you’d like to share with your peers,
please consider presenting your own session as well. Speakers who
contribute to the content of ADHOC get an additional discount on
registration, and the last day for early registration is June 30th, so
register today!