Jiiva announces SuperScrubber version 2.0

Manhattan Beach, CA (September 16, 2005) Jiiva announces the release of
SuperScrubber version 2.0, the Mac’s most powerful disk erasing solution.
Version 2.0 adds significant changes making the product easier to use for
novice users while providing new advanced features for IT professionals.

SuperScrubber 2.0 packs in a host of new features including a step-by-step
interface walking the user through the process of erasing a disk, a
redesigned time-estimation process to more accurately represent how long it
will take to securely erase a large hard drive, an advanced custom
configuration editor allowing IT professionals to e nter more sophisticated
data patterns, and the ability to save custom c onfigurations and default
settings to a separate storage device for reuse when scrubbing many
machines. SuperScrubber 2.0 also added the popular Gutmann erasure method.

Who needs SuperScrubber? The simple answer is every Mac user needs
SuperScrubber. Think about the data stored on your computer over time:
emails, address books, banking records, online transaction receipts, tax
filings, client data, proprietary artwork, business strategies, student
records, financial forecasts, HR and payroll files, and on and on. “With so
much information stored on our computers these days, we all have to be
proactive and protect our data at school, work, and at home. You can’t just
assume everyone else out there is a nice guy,” says Jiiva’s president Mark

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