Acclaimed by the VJ community, Modul8 is one of the fastest and most
flexible real-time video compositing applications for Mac OS X. Thanks to
it’s intuitive user interface, Modul8 manages complex compositions with
direct visual feedback.

A divided layer stack allows you to work with parallel compositions
simultaneously. Transitioning from composition to composition is therefore
very easy. Each single component can easily be previewed and modified
straight from the user interface. Each individual layer is treated as a
true spacial objects regardless of whether it is a movie, a text or a live
capture. Using the resources of your machine, any object can be rotated,
scaled and transformed in real time. Available effects range from standard
video processing functions such as blur, lumakey, contrast, to more
advanced effects such as 3D transformations.

Modul8 is an extremely compatible and flexible application, supporting free
mapping of any keyboard key or midi channel to any of Modul8’s function.
Flexibility also means extensibility. Thanks to a fully integrated module
editor, you can create custom user interfaces and Python scripts without
even having to stop the currently playing composition. This revolutionary
Mac OS X application, designed by and for VJs and live performers, will
push your real-time performances to the limits of today’s technology.

The new Version (Modul8 V2.0) includes a range of new features, including
applications never seen before in other mixing applications: advanced
filters, 3D transformers in real-time using “displacement mapping”, global
logical record, particle features, and exporting features to export your
creation at high quality, 3D matrix, simultaneous compositions (allowing to
project one composition, whilst preparing another one), and much more!

Also included are a fully integrated interface-builder as well as a script
editor. It is possible to add new user-interface blocks that are directly
mapped to Modul8 controls. This is done without writing a line of script.
You simply drag and drop your own controls and map them to Modul8
functionalities. For more advanced needs, the integrated script editor lets
you add new functions to Modul8 and link them to a custom interface. In
order to let you easily share your user-interfaces and scripts, we
implemented these new functionalities in the form of a module architecture
where each module is stored as an external file just like a plug-in.

Finally, you have access to a public online library, which is used to
download or upload modules directly from Modul8. And because Modul8 is a
live application, it is possible to do all this while still working on your
live composition.

This revolutionary Mac OS X application, designed by and for VJs and live
performers, a team of VJs and image professionals with years of experience
in projections, visual installations and live performances. Having worked
in the context of contemporary art expositions as well as in clubs, Modul8
has developed a rich visual language, coherent and efficient, and a
technical mastery allowing the collective to invest, transform and enrich
any kind of space, be it an intimist club or a large industrial site.