Rivet International today announced the availability of its Rivet GRAB for iPod, allowing users to attach their iPods wherever they want — belt loop, backpack, purse and even a car dashboard. “Rivet’s patented, aircraft-quality alloy and stainless steel E-Clip(TM) one-touch release system lets users easily switch the way they wear their iPod without skipping a beat. The GRAB attaches with the Rivet hook that provides more versatility and much more style than a standard belt clip. Users can attach their iPod to virtually anything with a D-ring, loop or strap, and the iPod can be transferred to a car dashboard within seconds.” Rivet GRAB for iPod mini and iPod with click wheel 20/30GB and 40/60GB at a price of US$29.99. Rivet also offers the GRAB Lanyard for iPod mini at a price of $24.99.