According to new data from Research and Markets (, Apple has over 50% of the tablet market.

Even though Intel has been aggressively promoting its ultrabook products aiming to secure its share in the notebook market in 2012, besides notebook computers, most of the vendors still have to deploy tablet related products in order to face possible changes in market structure, according to the research group. Other points from the latest Research and Markets report:

° Microsoft aims to expand the company’s footprint into the consumer market, detachable industrial design is adopted by most of the tablet vendors, while the vendors still attempt to differentiate their products through new technology adoption and application service launch

° Price tags of Android-based tablets are projected to fall and increasing Chinese vendors have forayed into the tablet market, but there is still room for improvements for tablets released by Chinese vendors. Chinese processor suppliers have experienced growth in the tablet market; nevertheless, the release of Windows RT is projected to pose impacts on these suppliers

° Touching on the vertical application market, system integration capability is key to vendors planning to introduce tablets for education. Chinese vendors develop tablets with e-menu and POS features

° Product differences between tablets and notebook computers are diminishing, competition among tablets and traditional notebooks adopting different operating systems intensify.