decodecrashlog 1.0.2

decodecrashlog is an open-source, BSD licensed Python program that can
apply a CodeWarrior CFM link map to a Mac OS X crash log from a “release
build”, recovering the function names and offsets.

It is intended to help developers who prefer to omit traceback tables from
their release builds for space and/or privacy reasons, and therefore can’t
readily interpret crash logs from end users, because they show backtraces
as pure hex addresses.

Release 1.0.2 adds:
* correct unmangling of C++ function names under Mac OS X 10.4.x ‘Tiger’, *
an option for the user to specify a custom program for unmangling function

Currently, this the program only supports CodeWarrior CFM link maps. I hope
to extend this to to CodeWarrior Mach-O link maps and/or non CodeWarrior
link maps if the project proves successful.

Also, there’s no GUI yet: you’ll have to run it from the command line. It
would be easy to knock out a GUI in Cocoa, and submissions are welcomed.