Macs have 16% of the user base
Mac owners by 30% more software than Windows users

In an article posted today by MacDailyNews, there’s some fact-based
conclusions that we’ve all suspected for a long time. Excerpted from the
article, and an announcement from Wizzard Software who is getting ready to
release AT&T Natural Voices for Mac OS X:

According to a statement released earlier this year, Apple Computer
reported their 2005 first quarterly revenue and net income as the
highest in the history of their company, with 74% revenue growth.
Apple shipped 1,046,000 Macintosh units during this quarter,
representing a 26% increase in CPU units over the year-ago quarter.
According to US News and World Report, Macintosh owners buy 30%
more software than their Windows counterparts. Further, Macintosh
software comprises over 18% of all software sold, according to
the Software and Information Industry Association. In addition,
the Software Publishers Association (SPA) estimates that 16 percent
of computer users are on Macs.

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