Three New DVForge Products Now Shipping

Hendersonville, TN – April 14, 2005 -Today, DVForge, Inc. announces that
three of its recently announced new products, The Clips, JamPod, and
JamPlug FM are now in stock and are shipping from inventory.

The Clips is the most affordable option to the lanyard shipped with Apple’s
iPod shuffle, and provides three completely different clip-on mounts, for
$14.99. JamPod plugs into the top of any dock connector style iPod or iPod
mini, lets you play an electric guitar or bass guitar along with the songs
on your iPod, and is $29.99. The JamPlug FM is an FM transmitter for
electric guitar or bass players that plugs into the instrument, and lets
you use any FM stereo radio as an inpromptu amplifier… even your car
stereo system. JamPlug FM sells for $49.99.

The Clips, JamPod, and JamPlug FM are all shipping from inventory starting
today. And, each is available from the DVForge web site. ( )

Tennessee-based DVForge, Inc. is one of today’s fastest growing consumer
technology companies, specializing in high-style, high-function products in
the computer, audio, pro music, and performance software product sectors.
It develops, sells and supports industry-leading consumer technology
products under a variety of market specific brands, including MacMice,
ProSticks, PodBuddy, JamPlug, and others to launch in the near future.