The New York Times’ Elisabeth Bumiller has the scoop on what songs US President George W. Bush has on his iPod. “Mr. Bush’s iPod is heavy on traditional country singers like George Jones, Alan Jackson and Kenny Chesney. He has selections by Van Morrison, whose ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ is a Bush favorite, and by John Fogerty, most predictably ‘Centerfield,’ which was played at Texas Rangers games when Mr. Bush was an owner and is still played at ballparks all over America. The president also has an eclectic mix of songs downloaded into his iPod from Mark McKinnon, a biking buddy and his chief media strategist during the 2004 campaign. Among them are ‘Circle Back’ by John Hiatt, ‘(You’re So Square) Baby, I Don’t Care’ by Joni Mitchell and ‘My Sharona,’ the 1979 song by the Knack.”