MatrixLib v3.0 Now Available

Version of 3.0 of MatrixLib is now available! MatrixLib is a low cost,
compact cross platform C++ matrix operations class library that runs on
Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. MatrixLib is fast and efficient and
provides over a hundred different matrix operations. In addition it
interfaces to BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms) and LAPACK
(Linear Algebra PACKage) so that you can use MatrixLib to provide all
of your matrix operation needs. MatrixLib comes with the pre-built
libraries, online documentation, a complete set of test code for the
library and free email tech support for 1 year for only $395 per
developer seat. MatrixLib is royalty free. Source code is also
available at additional cost. An archive of the online documentation
and a free demo is available for download from