Cepstral TTS Voices Released for Mac OS X

Cepstral Swift Text-to-Speech Supports Apple Speech Manager

PITTSBURGH, PA — (MARKET WIRE) — 03/16/2005 — Cepstral LLC, a leader
in high quality Text-to-Speech (TTS), announced the release of its Swift
Text-to-Speech (TTS) software on Apple’s Mac OS X operating system. The
advanced operating system has complete built-in support for speech
technology, and can take advantage of Cepstral’s high quality, natural
sounding voices.

Apple (AAPL) has built speech services directly into the OS X operating
system and user interface. With Cepstral’s new 3.2 release, Cepstral voices
integrate directly under the Apple Speech Manager, and are then available
to all applications and services that use TTS. Integrated speech technology
allows vocalization of all types of menus, system alerts, web browser, and
text content anywhere without requiring a separate program.

“Apple has always been at the forefront of interface design, and we are
pleased to announce that our latest voice technology integrates cleanly
into the core of Apple’s operating system,” said Cepstral CEO and
co-founder Kevin Lenzo. “Our voices bring a new level of consumer choice
for voices on the Mac, with extremely high vocal quality.”

“For us to embrace speech technology, it must meet the expectations of our
imagination. I’ve tried the Cepstral TTS voices and I’m impressed!” said RJ
Sharp, President of Inquire4D. The company will incorporate the new
Cepstral voices for use in their products.

The portfolio of Cepstral TTS voices and languages, ranging from small and
novelty voices to high quality desktop unit selection, is now Mac ready and
available for immediate download, trial, and purchase from the Cepstral
website (www.cepstral.com). “This day marks the presence of an affordable
commercial-grade TTS option for Mac users and provides human sounding
voices to education, entertainment, and assistive technologies based on the
Mac platform,” said Lenzo.

About Cepstral LLC

Cepstral is a speech technology company based in Pittsburgh, PA, USA,
which provides speech technologies and services for the spoken delivery of
information. We build high quality, natural sounding voices for hand-held,
desktop, and server applications. Cepstral: We Build Voices.