Singlestep Technologies reduces “Swivel Chair IT Management”

Unity, Singlestep’s Network Integration System, gives companies more
control of their multiple network management systems

SEATTLE, WA, January 14, 2003 – Singlestep Technologies today announced the
release of its network integration and information management software,
Singlestep Unity=81. Unity allows IT managers to better manage their network=
by integrating event data from multiple network management systems.

The company reports that their typical customer has at least 5 to 7 network
management systems in place, meaning that network outages can generate
events in multiple systems. This makes it difficult and time consuming for
IT staff to get a complete picture of what’s happening in their network.
“One of the benefits of Unity is that it eliminates ‘swivel chair
management’ in the Network Operation Center. People no longer have to roll
their chairs around the operations center, checking screen after screen and
system after system, when a problem hits,” said Ophir Ronen, CTO of

Unity, which can be installed in a fraction of the time of other solutions,
will allow the integration of legacy network management systems like HP
OpenView and CiscoWorks 2000 as well as open-source and custom written

“As a research analyst tasked with finding innovative technologies to
enhance our IT operations, I’ve been very impressed with Singlestep’s
approach and with Unity’s potential to simplify the management of our
network infrastructure,” said Tom Bevington, Senior Technology Analyst at
The Capital Group. “Not only can Unity help us organize, prioritize and
visualize the disparate event information from our many ‘point solutions’,
it can also help us automate operational best practices, disaster recovery
policies, you name it. These are huge potential gains.”

“IT organizations are aggressively seeking to integrate and consolidate
existing management investments,” said Dennis Drogseth, Vice President at
Enterprise Management Associates. “This trend has been accelerated by the
downturn, but in fact is a positive and much overdue structural change away
from ‘blackhole’ investments in technology for technology’s sake.
Singlestep is addressing this requirement with a unique and compelling
solution that can facilitate the integration of multiple management sources
with domain expertise, automated workflow and problem resolution — and
ultimately visualization and data analysis. The total combination positions
Unity as both innovative and pragmatic in its approach to optimizing
operational efficiency.”

Some specific product benefits of Unity are:

* Integrates with current network management and monitoring systems in minut=

* Creates one unified interface for viewing all network events in the
manner that fits your operating requirements.

* Normalizes and stores event data for historical and trending analysis.

* Built-in workflow for easy assignment of actionable network alerts to
network personnel.

* Easily create visual policies that filter events and automate actions.

* Determine the true cost of ownership of applications and devices in your

* Allocate existing staff more effectively and have a measurable way to
justify new staff hires.

Enterprise customers such as Alaska Airlines, Speakeasy, and Fujitsu are
embracing Singlestep Unity and the underlying power of VNOS to break down
the silos of information within their organizations and to help them
generate a better return from their technology and networking investments.
Singlestep investors include Seattle based Vulcan Inc., and Austin based
Agave Capital LLC.

About Singlestep Technologies

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Singlestep Technologies Corporation
develops integration applications and solutions based on its patented
software platform, VNOS (Visual Network Operating System). With over ten
years invested in R&D, VNOS is an intuitive information integration
environment. Unlike any other tool on the market, VNOS enables users to
rapidly build programs that integrate any collection of devices or
applications, and can also be used to replace the command line interface of
today’s network devices with a graphical user interface. For more
information about Singlestep, Singlestep Unity, VNOS or our partner
programs, visit: or email: