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Ovolab Phlink 2.0 introduces searchable call log and new features.

San Francisco (USA) – January 11, 2005 – Ovolab(r), at Macworld Expo, booth
#749, today released version 2.0 of Ovolab Phlink, its innovative and
award-winning telephony software for the Mac.

Ovolab Phlink turns your Mac into a powerful answering machine and
telephone information center. Widely used in the home, home office and in
businesses, Ovolab Phlink greets callers with personalized greetings, plays
caller-specific ringtones, sends voice messages by email and more.

Version 2.0 adds a full-featured call log window which allows you to play
back and annotate calls. Users can select smart lists to automatically
display all missed calls, the last week’s calls, and more. Plus, the new
version sports a 148-page manual, written by Matt Neuburg, which guides the
reader through the endless possibilities of Phlink.

Among Ovolab Phlink’s highly-acclaimed features, are personalized greetings
for each caller, notification of incoming calls over the network via
Rendezvous, and the ability to create your own phone trees.

Using Ovolab Phlink, you can save time because you are automatically
notified of important calls – without having to dial into your answering
machine! Moreover, Ovolab Phlink gives a professional touch to your
telephone line: it’s a perfect choice for shops, home offices and small
businesses, while it also allows families to make their telephone part of
the digital hub.

Pricing and Availability

Version 2.0 of Ovolab Phlink is available immediately from the Ovolab
online store for USD 149.95, or EUR 129.95 MSRP, plus shipping.
Ovolab Phlink includes the software and the USB telephone adapter, and
requires Mac OS X 10.2 or later.
Users of earlier versions can upgrade to version 2 for USD 29.95.

Ovolab Phlink is also available from resellers and retail stores worldwide:
please visit the Ovolab web site at for more

About Ovolab
Founded in 2002, Ovolab is based in Torino, Italy. More than ten years of
experience in Mac software development to create the software that enhances
your creativity. Because creativity is the beginning of it all.