NewSoft Announces Company’s First OCR and Document Management Solution for
Mac Users at Macworld

Presto! PageManager 7 Deluxe Converts Paper-Based Documents to Network
Shareable Digital Files

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (MACWORLD, Booth 749) – January 11, 2005 =96 NewSoft, a
leading provider of innovative business and consumer software, announced
Presto! PageManager 7 Deluxe, the company’s first document scanning,
management and sharing solution for the Macintosh OS, from Booth #749 today
at Macworld. An easy-to-use document management solution incorporating
NewSoft’s award-winning OCR Engine, Presto! PageManager 7 Deluxe converts
paper-based documents and photos into digital files using any standard
TWAIN or Plug-in compliant scanner. Retaining the format and layout of the
original document with an extremely high level of accuracy, Presto!
PageManager 7 Deluxe enables users to quickly and easily scan, organize,
edit, make notes and share valuable photos and documents. Organizations of
all sizes can use Presto! PageManager 7 Deluxe for a fast, complete,
economical document and photo management solution.

Two of Presto! PageManager 7 Deluxe newest features include the added
ability to share image files in PDF format and an added file back-up system
that allows users to ensure they can always retrieve their most important
information at anytime in the future, when they need it most. Presto!
PageManager 7 Deluxe gives users the flexibility to view image, pure text,
PDF files and also video and audio files. Document images can also be
converted directly into HTML for posting to Intranet or Internet web pages.
Users can quickly and easily enhance and adjust their photos, edit
document and file information, even add voice to images. Presto!
PageManager 7 Deluxe also offers the option to add annotations to files,
highlight interesting phrases, draw arrows to important information, add
sticky notes with explanations, and add text captions to photos.

“Using either the full text search or smart search function to search by
content, title or keyword; document retrieval, organization and management
has never been faster,” said James Li, President of NewSoft America.
“Presto! PageManager 7 Deluxe features an open architecture, allowing the
user to browse files stored in any location, including the hard drive, CD
or DVD, even storage cards using a convenient thumbnail feature virtually
eliminating the need to open files unnecessarily.”

To quickly view a series of files within a single category, PageManager’s
convenient File Stacking feature. Once associated files are stacked, the
files will become a single, multi-page document that can be quickly opened
with a single click on the icon. Presto! PageManager 7 Deluxe supports
and WMV file formats. For a convenient backup or restoration of your
scanned documents, Presto! PageManager 7 Deluxe automatically compresses
saved files as a PMF file, a PageManager Backup file format, to be stored
in HDD or burned into CD or DVD.


Presto! PageManager 7 Deluxe is now available with Mac OS 9.x/ OS X or
later compatibility. For further information, please visit

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