Major Update to Award-Winning Help Authoring Tool

LOS ANGELES, California (January 23, 2008) — After several months of
public betas, Electric Butterfly, Inc. proudly announces the official
release of HelpLogic 1.5 for Mac OS X, the award-winning help authoring
solution for cross-platform developers. HelpLogic was made with REALbasic.

Easily create help systems for your software and web sites from a single
source! HelpLogic’s innovative design removes the development headaches
usually associated with help authoring, providing an ideal solution for
cross-platform software developers, web site designers, and documentation
writers. Save time with the integrated Workshop, Visual TOC Builder, HTML
Editor, and Link Manager to quickly generate Web-based Help, Apple Help,
Microsoft HTML Help, UniHelp, and PDF.

Version 1.5 includes more than 40 new features, enhancements, and bug
fixes! Here are just a few highlights:

— Now available as a Universal Binary!

— Improved compatibility with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.

— The PDF Publisher now supports all standard HTML tags and CSS styles
when publishing your HTML help pages to PDF!

— The PDF Publisher offers a new option to assign any HTML page as the
PDF’s Title Page, allowing you to customize the PDF Title Page with your
own design.

— All help formats now support an unlimited number of sub-level nested
chapters within chapters in your published TOC.

— New improved EHP project format that’s 90% smaller than the old 1.0 EHP
project format.

— HelpLogic is now powered by a new XML engine for improved functionality
and performance.

— More than 80% of HelpLogic’s codebase and interface have been redesigned
and reoptimized for improved ease of use, faster performance and future

— The enhanced Visual TOC Builder will help streamline your workflow,
making it easier to quickly find and edit the HTML source files associated
with your TOC Topics.

— And much more! For a complete list of what’s new, please read the
official Release Notes at http://www.ebutterfly.com/helplogic/ whatsnew.php


Purchase HelpLogic for only $99 US. Includes a single user license for use
with both the Mac and Windows Editions, minor 1.x updates, and unlimited
e-mail support. This highly recommended update is a free upgrade for all
existing HelpLogic 1.0 customers.

Founded in 1995, Electric Butterfly, Inc. is an award-winning web design
and software development company, responsible for such products as
HelpLogic and Stimulus.