Intego Releases Management Program to Configure Intego Security Software

San Francisco, January 11, 2005 =96 Intego, the Macintosh security
specialist, today announced the release of Intego Remote Management
Console, a program that allows administrators to manage and configure
Intego security software on Macintosh computers across a local network
or via the Internet. With Intego Remote Management Console, an
administrator can manage Intego programs on any number of Macs. The
administrator can connect to client computers via OpenTalk (formerly
Rendezvous) or by entering an IP address, and set configurations and
preferences for the following programs:

* Intego NetBarrier: Protects Macs from all network intrusions
* Intego VirusBarrier: Protects Macs from all known viruses
* Intego ContentBarrier: Prevents access to web sites by category and
keyword, and blocks specific types of content; also protects children
from the dangers of the Internet
* Intego ChatBarrier: Encrypts instant messages sent with Apple’s iChat

Intego Remote Management Console allows administrators to create and
load settings files, configure individual settings and functions, and
make changes to Intego programs on all computers quickly and easily.
Settings for these programs can be managed individually or in groups,
and administrators can apply the same settings to all users or apply
templates with preset configurations to specific users.

With Intego Remote Management Console, administrators can connect to
Macs anywhere in the world by applying a uniform security policy to all
the Macs in a company, school or university.

“Configuring software on multiple client computers takes time,” said
Laurent Marteau, CEO, Intego. “Intego Remote Management Console helps
companies save money through increased productivity, with their
administrators configuring many copies of our software from one

Intego Remote Management Console features:

* A clear, easy to use interface Intego Remote Management Console
presents interfaces similar to the Intego products being managed
* Provides system and hardware information for client computers
* Lets the administrator view the current settings for Intego programs
* Lets the administrator update and change settings on client computers
* Presets allow the same settings to be used on multiple Macs
* Groups allow simple application of security policy across computers
* Logs record all activity
* Total protection on client computers:
o Intego Remote Management Console can only be used if the client
software authorizes remote management
o A secure, encrypted connection is made between Intego Remote
Management Console and the client computers
o Client software can block remote management from all but a specific IP
o Alerts notify users on client computers that settings are being
changed remotely

System requirements:

* Intego Remote Management Console requires Mac OS X 10.3 or later, but
can manage any Intego programs running on client computers using Mac OS
X 10.1.1 or later
* 10 MB hard disk space
* Other Intego security software installed on different Macintosh

Intego Remote Management Console will be available in Q1 2005 from
Intego via the company=92s website,, as well as from
Macintosh software resellers or one of Intego=92s sales offices:

Tel: (512) 637-0700

Europe, Middle East and Africa Tel: +33 1 55 07 27 27

Japan Tel: 0263-83-7646

Pricing (plus shipping, handling and any applicable sales tax):
Control up to 10 Macs: $99.95
Site license: $199.95