Beehive Software is the FIRST Developer to integrate Macintosh large
file transfers transparently with Email!

January 7, 2005
Bellingham, WA

This week, Beehive Software has released their version 4.0 BeeMail
extension, for Macintosh (and Windows), which now allows ANY email
user to securely send file attachments of ANY size, transparently
along with their email message. In the past, email could not be used
to transfer the large files used in Business-to-Business applications
in the Printing/Prepress, Medical Imaging, Product Manufacturing,
Banking, Newspaper and Media Industries. But now BeeMail allows
large files (even gigabytes in size) to be attached to email messages
and transferred with the security required by corporate users.

BeeMail supports all the most common email packages for Macintosh
(and Windows), including Eudora, OS X Mail, Outlook Express,
Entourage, EMailer and any other product that uses SMTP as the
sending protocol. BeeMail separates the file attachments from the
email body and substitutes a URL. BeeMail sends the files to a secure
file transfer server and compresses the files “On-the-Fly” to speed
transfer. The recipient clicks on the URL in the message and the
files are downloaded.

The BeeMail Email extension is built on top of a series of previous
Beehive Software product releases. Beehive has tackled all of the
foundation problems that had to be mastered before email could attach
large files. Beehive Software was the FIRST to develop a file
transfer product using “On-the-Fly” streaming file compression
(1998), the FIRST to use Universal Email Addressing for File Transfer
(1999), the FIRST to use https as a secure large file transfer
protocol (2000), the FIRST to implement file transfer “latency
tolerance” over commodity Internet bandwidth (2002), and the FIRST to
develop file transfer SMTP proxy agents (2004).

More information and FREE downloads at :

The Beehive BeeMail solution is available in single user, hosted
multi-user and stand-alone appliance versions. Single user licenses
are available for $49.95, hosted multi-user subscriptions are $995
and stand-alone appliances are available for $3995.

Beehive (including its private label versions) is widely installed in
the printing, prepress, banking, medical imaging, insurance,
manufacturing and newspaper industries with over 1500 site licenses
and over 100,000 end users.