Digital Heaven has released the first in a series of Final Cut Pro X effects packages to complement any editor’s effects toolkit.

FCPX Transitions Pack 1 features five transitions including DH_Flare, DH_FrameRoll, DH_LightFlash, DH_Shutter and DH_StretchPan. In DH_Flare
the classic lens flare transition gets a makeover with controls for changing the color, angle and a little twist.

DH_FrameRoll brings the retro effect of old-school projectors that kept jumping into the 21st century with controls for bumpiness and stretchiness. DH_LightFlash replicates the organic imperfection of light leaking into an old film camera with controls for light direction and extra leakiness.

DH_Shutter is a “snap-happy” transition that mimics the lens shutter of a camera. You can choose between the classic iris and vertical shutter styles. DH_StretchPan offers a whip pan effect that adds dynamic movement between two shots with adjustable direction.

FCPX Transitions Pack 1 is available for immediate purchase from the Digital Heaven online store ( for US$49.