Ranchero Software releases MarsEdit 1.0, new weblog editor for Mac OS X

Seattle, WA, USA — December 9, 2004 — Ranchero Software, creators of
the RSS newsreader NetNewsWire, today released MarsEdit 1.0, a new
weblog editor for Mac OS X.

MarsEdit makes weblog writing like writing email, with each post edited
in its own window, the ability to save posts as drafts, spell-checking,
and a familiar Mac OS X interface.

While designed to be easy to use for new webloggers, MarsEdit also
includes features power-bloggers need: support for categories, text
filters, trackbacks, custom templates, AppleScript, and more.

“MarsEdit is simple, intuitive, flexible, and customizable. It’s a very
comfortable and efficient tool for writing,” said John Gruber of Daring

Other MarsEdit features include image and file uploading, a bookmarklet
that lets you send a page from your Web browser to MarsEdit, and custom

“Our company uses blogs to track technical projects as well as business
and partner development activities. MarsEdit has made it very simple to
post to multiple blogs with a single, easy-to-understand interface, and
including pictures and other files in entries couldn’t be simpler,”
said Jack Barse, CEO, BCG Wireless.

MarsEdit works with a variety of weblog systems, including Movable
Type, TypePad, Radio UserLand, WordPress, Blosxom, and many others.

It also works with NetNewsWire and other newsreaders for OS X that
include a post-to-weblog feature. The newsreader’s post-to-weblog
command can be used to send a news item to MarsEdit, where it can be
commented on and then posted to a weblog.

MarsEdit replaces the weblog editor that was part of NetNewsWire 1.x.
“We redesigned the weblog editing user interface from the ground up,”
said Ranchero Software chief developer Brent Simmons.

MarsEdit is available for download at (http://ranchero.com/marsedit/).

MarsEdit 1.0 costs $24.95 (USD) for a single-user license. Multi-user
licensing is available at $19.95 per user, for two or more users.

MarsEdit is also available bundled with NetNewsWire 2.0 beta for $39.95.

For licensed users of NetNewsWire 1.x, MarsEdit 1.0 and all MarsEdit
1.x updates are free.