FireWire Depot today introduced a new FireWire 1394b/USB2 combo bridgeboard that supports two drives using either FireWire 800 1394b, FireWire 1394a, or USB2. The IF8U2-VB converts any new or existing TWO bay tower, TWO ATAPI/ATA devices into IEEE-1394b/FireWire800 (FireWire400/1394a compatible using a 9-6 cable or adapter) or USB2.0 with ease. In addition, the company says that the IF8U2-VB is the “only bridgeboard converting TWO ATAPI/ATA drive to USB2.0 or FireWire 400, FireWire 800 without 120GB size limitation so you can use whatever size hard drive you want.” The new bridgeboard is priced at US$120.