Apple today released Security Update 2004-12-02, which includes a number of security enhancements and updated components for Mac OS X. It is available for 10.3.6 Client, 10.3.6 Server, 10.2.8 Client, and 10.2.8 Server. The update for 10.3.6 Client includes updated versions of Apache, AppKit, HIToolbox, Kerberos, Postfix, PSNormalizer, Safari, and Terminal. The update for 10.3.6 Server includes the above plus new versions of CyrusIMAP and QuickTime Streaming Server. The 10.2.8 Client version includes updated Apache, AppKit, Kerberos, and Safari components. The security update for 10.2.8 Server adds the 10.2.8 Client fixes plus an updated version of QuickTime Streaming Server.