RapidWeaver 3.0 Release with .mac and iPhoto integration.

Realmac Software today announced the release of RapidWeaver 3.0 for Mac.
RapidWeaver is a next-generation web design application to help you easily
create professional looking web sites in minutes. No knowledge of HTML, CSS
or even javascript is required, RapidWeaver will take care of all that for

RapidWeaver has been built with users digital life in mind. Most of us have
plenty of photos, movies and ideas we’d like to share online. RW makes this
unbelievably easy. With drag and drop simplicity, iPhoto and .Mac
integration users will have their new website online within minutes of
downloading RapidWeaver.

RapidWeaver comes with a host of page styles special designed for you to
share your thoughts, photos, movies, files and much more. Standard page
styles include Blog, External Link, File Sharing, HTML, Photo Album,
iFrame, Styled Page (WYSIWYG) and Quicktime.

“We believe RapidWeaver 3 is a breakthrough in web design as no direct HTML
editing is required to produce a professional looking website.” concluded
Daniel Counsell.

RapidWeaver 3.0 costs $34.95 (USD) for a single user license. RapidWeaver 3
is a FREE upgrade for all users of previous versions.

What’s New in RapidWeaver 3.0
– .Mac publishing added.
– All new Photo Album Plug-in added with iPhoto integration.
– File Sharing Page Style added.
– iFrame Page Style added.
– Over 10 new Themes.
– Custom logo support.
– Site sub title (slogan) support.
– Site title support.
– Email address support.
– Users can now re-arrange pages.(Drag and drop supported)
– Startup time dramatically improved (up to 500%).
– Export and Preview of web site speed improved by over 200%.
– Page title and copyright now support foreign characters.
– Images placed in page are now saved & exported correctly.
– Text attributes are now saved.
– New document preferences.
– Button attributes are now saved.
– RWTextX attribute is now recognized.
– Button font and colour change bug fixed.
– All themes tested with Safari, Mac IE, Firefox & Windows IE 6.
– RapidWeaver software update bug fixed.
– Preview now updates when changing button and title.
– Always goes to edit mode now when adding a new page.
– Theme and plugin version checking.
– Greatly Re-worked and improved interface.
– HTML Help added.
– Improved Documentation.
– Over 20 other minor improvments and bug fixes.

Styled Page Updates
– Font button added.
– Colour button Added

Blog Page Updates
– Date and Time now editable.
– Date format changed to “Monday, 1 January 2004, 12:00am”.
– Image support added.
– Languages drop down menubug fixed.

Offsite Page Updates
– Offsite page now shows live preview.

QuickTime Page Updates
– Save bug fixed.
– Improved Interface.