In an article published today on Wired, Nobuyuki Hayashi takes a look at the Mac gaming slump in the Japanese market and reports that Microsoft may soon come to the rescue. “While Japan is famous for video games and is the second-largest market for Apple’s Macintosh, it is not the land of the rising sun for Mac gamers,” notes Hayashi. “Go to any giant Tokyo electronics store, like the eight-story Bic-Camera Yurakucho megamart in the Ginza district, and there are only two Japanese Mac games on the shelf: Railroad Tycoon and Sega’s Puyo-Puyo Fever. But this situation may see an upturn in the near future. Mac gamers may have a savior in the form of none other than Microsoft.” According to the report, Microsoft plans to offer the Mac Games Collection, translating and marketing numerous popular Mac game titles for the Japanese market.