Jiggler 1.1 released by Stick Software

Freeware app for Mac OS X will keep your computer awake for important tasks

Redwood City, CA, August 31, 2004 – Stick Software announced version 1.1 of
Jiggler, a freeware utility for Mac OS X. Jiggler keeps your Mac awake
through those lengthy tasks when it would rather fall asleep, by jiggling
your mouse periodically. No more having to open System Preferences to
change your sleep time and your screensaver delay, only to have to change
them back again at the end. Just jiggle!

Version 1.1 of Jiggler adds lots of bells and whistles. You can now jiggle
for a preset period of time and then stop, to keep your machine awake
through a long job and then allow it to fall asleep at the end. You can
set Jiggler to jiggle automatically whenever your machine’s processor is
busy, or whenever a CD or DVD is being burned, or whenever a particular
application is running. And there’s now an onscreen indication that
Jiggler is active, making it easy to know that your machine is being kept

Jiggler joins Stick Software products such as PhotoReviewer, Eyeballs,
Trisection, Fracture, BigFoot, Measles, Aquatint and Constrictor. It is
freeware; if you like it, please check out our shareware products, and pay
for the shareware you use.

http://www.sticksoftware.com/software/Jiggler.html (Jiggler’s home page)
http://downloads.sticksoftware.com/Jiggler.dmg.gz (Direct download URL)

About Stick Software

Stick Software is a developer of top-quality shareware, freeware and
open-source products for Mac OS X. Our slogan is “Anti-Productivity Tools
for the Discerning User”. We want to make computers fun, friendly, easy
and aesthetic. Our software will probably never help you balance your
checkbook, do your taxes, schedule meetings, or write the Great American
Novel. But it will brighten your day – or so we hope.

As for the “discerning user” part, well, that’s up to you. But our hope is
that you will recognize that Stick Software is kind of a special company.
We don’t release software with any (repeat, any) known bugs – we ship our
apps when they are ready to ship, not when we arrive at a management-chosen
production date. We don’t ever charge you money for upgrades to our
products. We don’t spam you with undesired advertisements and promotions.
We listen to your feedback, and respond to you with emails written by
humans, not with automatically generated notices intended to deflect you.
We develop our software for the Mac first, instead of making inferior ports
from Windows. We even take requests from our users!

We’re here for you, the discerning user. If you find bugs, or want features
added, let us know. If you have ideas for great new products that fit in
with our philosophy, drop us a line. And if you appreciate the software
we’ve already made, or the philosophy behind it, please send in your

For more information, visit http://www.sticksoftware.com.