Eovia Corporation today introduced Carrara 4, an affordable and turnkey 3D solution for the Web, print and video. This release replaces Carrara Studio 3 and will now be available in Pro and Standard versions. Carrara 4 Pro “delivers an enhanced breadth of capabilities and power that professionals demand.” Carrara 4 Standard provides the same approachable interface at “an even more affordable price for non-experts,” notes the company. New features in Carrara 4 Standard, which is expected to ship in October, include a terrain editor and scene manipulators, and improved IK, motion paths, timeline support, and more. Carrara 4 Pro software adds multi-node distributed rendering, vector and 3D motion blur, extended file import, and more. Eovia expects to ship the new release in October. Carrara 4 Pro software will be priced at US$599, with Carrara 4 Standard at $299. Upgrade pricing is also available.