Summary 2.3 is now available for: Macintosh (Classic), OSX Command Line,
Windows, Linux x86, and Sun SPARC.

Download from: (

Summary is a web server log analyzer from Summary.Net.

New features and bug fixes in this release include:

* Added Country by GeoIP and Region by GeoIP reports. Summary now supports
the GeoIP database from MaxMind, which determines the countries visitors
are from based on their numeric IP addresses. Summary includes the “free”
version of the database. For more accurate reporting you can subscribe to
monthly updates of the database from MaxMind,
(, which Summary will
download automatically. Determining the countries visitors are coming from
with the GeoIP database is far more accurate than using the Top Level
Domains report.

* Added Interesting Referring Domains report and corresponding items
in the Overview. Summary can now detect patterns of hits which are
“interesting”, and bring them to you attention. This is best at detecting
news sites that had links to your site for a single day, or referrers which
have sudden changes in otherwise steady levels of traffic.

* Added support for regular expression searches within a report.
Start your search string with a single quote, ‘, followed by a regular

* The OSX Command Line version now follows aliases as well as
symbolic links. It used to only follow symbolic links.

For a complete list of new features and bug fixes see