NewerTech Introduces MAXPower G4 7447 Single Processor Upgrade in 1.6
GHz Option

Newer Technology Inc. offers new way to upgrade your Power Macintosh
G4 for $249

WOODSTOCK, IL (November 16, 2006) – Newer Technology Inc. (NewerTech)
today announced the introduction of the new MAXPower G4/7447A 1.6GHz
Processor Upgrade for the Power Macintosh G4 AGP Graphics (aka
“Sawtooth”) 100MHz Bus, “Gigabit Ethernet” 100MHz Bus, “Digital
Audio” 133MHz Bus, “Quick Silver” 133MHz Bus, “Quick Silver 2002”
133MHz. MAXPower processor upgrade comes with at 3 year hardware
warranty, features a Motorola/Freescale MPC7447A high performance
processor, and is priced at only $249.


Pricing for the entire MAXPower G4 7447 Single and Dual Processor line:

MAXPower Single G4/2.0GHz – $249

MAXPower Single G4/2.0GHz – $399

MAXPower Dual G4/1.6GHz – $449

MAXPower Dual G4/1.7GHz – $529

MAXPower Dual G4/1.8GHz – $599


NewerTech MAXPower G4 7447 Processor Upgrades are compatible with
PowerMac G4 Graphics (Sawtooth), Gigabit, Ethernet, Digital Audio,
and Quicksilver models. Upgrades are compatible with all existing
hardware and software on 7447 CPUs running Mac OS 9.2.2, Mac OS X
10.3.5 or later.

NewerTech MAXPower Processor Upgrade design incorporates FreeScale
(formerly Motorola) PowerPC G4 processors and is capable of doubling
or tripling Power Macintosh performance, increasing universal
software compatibility, and allowing use of applications that require
a high-speed processor above factory stock speed.

Plug-and-Play design allows speedy connection. NewerTech MAXPower
Processor Upgrades are engineered to provide maximum efficiency

NewerTech MAXPower Processor Upgrades are available online through, through primary source distributor Other World
Computing at or toll free at (800) 275-4576, or
through other fine retailers.