FileMaker, Inc. (, a wholly owned subsidiary of Apple, has announced that FileMaker Cloud is now available in Japan and Australia.

Bill Epling, chief administrative officer and president, FileMaker Japan, says FileMaker Cloud provides the simplicity, performance and reliability of the FileMaker Platform without having to spend time and resources deploying and maintaining a server. The expanded international availability of FileMaker Cloud comes with support for three additional Amazon Web Services (AWS) regional data centers in Tokyo, Sydney and Canada.

The service empowers organizations of all sizes, around the world, to improve business operations and streamline budgets by managing custom apps in the cloud, says Epling. He adds that FileMaker Cloud customers enjoy numerous benefits, including:

° Low up-front costs: No hardware expenditure is necessary; supported AWS servers are located in Australia, Canada, Ireland, Germany, Japan and the U.S.

° Rapid deployment: Because there is no need to set up hardware and install software, FileMaker Cloud can be up and running in 20 minutes or less.

° Instant scalability: The service can be easily scaled up or down to meet a customer’s immediate or seasonal needs — without having to buy more hardware or maintain unused equipment.

° Minimal administrative overhead: The clean, user-friendly design of the Admin Console makes it easy to navigate, and auto-maintenance and automatic backups reduce IT burden.

° Network security: The service supports industry standard SSL/TLS-level encryption and comes with a configured and installed 90-day trial SSL certificate. These SSL certifications can now be renewed through the FileMaker Store for one-, two- and three-year terms using the same host name and domain.