Fort Worth, TX, August 24, 2004 — Comm-Unity Networking Systems announces
the release of CNS Menu 1.0 for both Macintosh and Windows – A FileMaker Pro
7 plug-in. This is the initial release of the plug-in, formerly known as

CNS Menu allows you to place hierarchal menus anywhere on a FileMaker layout.
When a menu item is chosen, the script of your choice in the database of your
choice is performed. Menus can have any number of sub menus and can be
displayed with a variety of styles and bullet marks. Creating menus with CNS
Menu can be as easy as handing the plug-in a return delimited string of menu
items to display. Your menu items can have a display name, and a value that
can be used in your scripts, so the end user can see useful information such
as a customer name while the value can be a Customer ID number.

CNS Menu ships with the “CNS Menu.fp7” example database which includes 15
examples demonstrating ways to use and understand the CNS Menu plug-in. The
database is fully unlocked so you can explore every detail. We have also
included the documentation for each example inline, so you can both examine
the example and see its explanation all from one layout. Examples include,
QuickMenu, Menu Placement, MenuBuilder, Value List to QuickMenu, Hidden
Items, Menu Decoration, Mouse Grabber, Right Click, Data Entry, Layout
Navigation, Update Menu Item, Bookmark Example, External XML Menu, and RSS

CNS Menu has many advantages over its predecessor, SCRIPTit. This rendition
includes MenuBuilder in the configuration dialog which allows you to quickly
build new menus without having to know XML. You can then simply use menus
built in MenuBuilder in your database, or copy the XML which is generated for
you. CNS Menu also includes a brand new way to create menus called
“QuickMenus”. A QuickMenu takes a return separated list of items and creates
a menu for you without having to know or use any XML.

“I am very excited about CNS Menu. SCRIPTit was a wonderful plug-in, but CNS
Menu has opened the doors to many new users by adding such features as
QuickMenus and MenuBuilder, which allow users to create menus without having
to know any XML. Of course, our power users will be glad to know that you
can still use XML to create menus.” – Jesse Traynham, Director of Production
and Database Developer of Comm-Unity Networking Systems.

Features of CNS Menu

– Dynamically create popup menus.
– Easily convert return delimited items such as value lists, layout names,
and more, into QuickMenus.
– Add styles to menu items such as bold, underline, italic, and any
combination of those.
– Add bullets to your menu items including check marks, circular bullets, and
– Pass script parameters through menus to your scripts.
– Enable and disable menu items on the fly.
– Update menu items dynamically.
– Precisely display menus using left, top, align, and minWidth.
– Use the built in MenuBuilder to quickly build XML menus – without having to
learn XML.
– Use modifier keys to display alternate menu items including Shift, Control,
Command, and Option.
– Get mouse coordinates with the CNSMenu_GetMouseCoordinates function.
– Get the mouse button number clicked with the CNSMenu_GetMouseButton
– Simplify data entry by allowing a user to find items quickly through sub
– Display a user friendly menu item, but pass a value such as a Customer ID
to your scripts.
– Load an XML menu from your hard drive.

Demonstration version available

You can evaluate CNS Menu for 30 days for free, however, after 30 days, CNS
Menu should be removed from your hard drive if you do not plan to purchase
it. The demo version of CNS Menu will display a splash screen every fifteen
minutes that you use it. Once you purchase and register your copy of CNS
Menu, the splash screen will no longer show.

Purchasing CNS Menu

You can purchase CNS Menu from our secure website. Simply go to and choose the “Purchase (Prices)” link from the
toolbar. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We will
also accept Purchase Orders and checks under special circumstances. Please
email or call us if you would like to purchase with a Purchase order or a

Our pricing structure for CNS Menu is as follows:

License Price Cost per License
1 User $65
5 User $228 $45.60 each
10 User $319 $31.90 each
25 User $558 $22.32 each
50 User $781 $15.62 each
Site/WorldWide $1093
Dev $664

Educational Discounts are available for roughly %20 percent off the listed

Current owners of SCRIPTit are eligible for a free upgrade to CNS Menu and
MMScript, please email us at for details.

After purchasing CNS Menu, you will be sent an email receipt containing your
Registration Number. To register CNS Menu, click on any of the “Register CNS
Menu” buttons in the CNS Menu database. This will turn the “demo” version
you downloaded into a “final” version.

Money made from sales will go directly back into making other great plug-ins
like CNS Menu!

For more information about CNS Menu, visit our website at and choose “Products” from the blue menu, or call
us at 817-560-4226.