SEATTLE, Washington (22 July 2004) — Easy Barcode Technologies has
released Easy Barcode Creator 1.8, a new update to its easy-to-use
EPS vector barcode generation software for both Mac OS X and Windows.
The revision adds Barcode Copier, along with a number of
application-wide refinements.

Easy Barcode Creator 1.8 adds:

* Barcode Copier: Use an Easy Barcode Reader (USB 1.0/2.0, available at to scan an existing barcode directly into Easy
Barcode Creator. The software will automatically change its content
settings to match the scanned barcode, giving you an identical
barcode image that’s ready to export.


Barcode Copier is also compatible with the Easy Barcode Pen.


* Compact EPS output: barcode output as EPS can be up to 50% smaller, now
with optimized PostScript command output.

* PostScript=AE font name matching outputs the PostScript name of all
human-readable fonts for easy matching with EPS editors such as Adobe
Illustrator (our recommended program)

* ITF-14 barcodes are now correctly displayed in the preview area while
setting barcode generation options.

Easy Barcode Creator can be ordered for $128.00, with site licenses
and other discounts available.

Website: Mac OS X: Windows: