SubRosaSoft announces a public beta version of MacForensicsLab
Powerful Apple Macintosh OS X based forensics software


Fremont, CA March 15th, 2006 — LLC, a software company
focusing on system utility and data recovery software, today announced the
availability of a public beta version of MacForensicsLab. MacForensicsLab
is a complete suite of forensics and analysis tools in one cohesive
package. Designed to work on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux storage devices
– MacForensicsLab provides an exceptional solution for law enforcement

Forensics professionals have long been hampered by the lack of
comprehensive forensics software tools for the Macintosh. The current
Macintosh based forensics utilities are either loosely bundled application
programs that need to be supplemented by other third party products, or
non-intuitive software requiring the use of Terminal and knowledge in UNIX.
MacForensicsLab is the first all-in-one, easy-to-use forensics software
suite for Mac OS X. Not only does it have all the components required for
evidence gathering and reporting, MacForensicsLab is also extremely
straightforward to use. With a few clicks, you can analyze, catalog,
duplicate, or salvage most Macintosh, Windows, or Linux storage devices. In
addition – machine details, events, discoveries, and recoveries are logged,
minimizing many of the potential pitfalls in gathering evidence.

The beta/trial version is now available online for forensics professionals
to download. To facilitate feedback, usage techniques, and issues reporting
on the product, a discussion board has been setup at
( Users interested in
learning forensics techniques specific to Mac OS X are encouraged to

Written specifically for Mac OS X, MacForensicsLab includes powerful
features that give a user excellent flexibility and control in data
analysis, evidence retrieval, and facts reporting:

* Extensive detailed logs to support you in understanding and presenting
your evidence.
* Industrial strength device imaging to create a disk image of a device for
data analysis.
* In depth catalogs traversing directories to catalog all files as well as
to zero in on suspect material.
* Keyword searching and analysis to explore the data of a file or device
block by block.
* File salvaging and extraction to recover as many files as possible from
the suspect’s drive, media, folders, or files (such as caches and embedded
* Disk arbitration management to prevent writing to the suspect device
* Drive cleaning to ensure the data recovered does not accidentally contain
data from the previous case.

Pricing, Availability and System Requirements

MacForensicsLab is currently in beta testing cycle.
The MSRP for MacForensicsLab will be $995.00 for software standalone, or
$1135 with a hardware write blocking FireWire to ATA/SATA interface.

MacForensicsLab requires System 10.3 or higher.
For more information on MacForensicsLab, please visit

About LLC

SubRosaSoft’s design philosophy revolves around easy-to-use yet extremely
powerful Mac OS X software. For more information, contact
LLC. by e-mail at ( or