Intelli Innovations, Inc. has posted point release Barcode Automator 2.2.

Barcode Automator is our specialized barcoding suite specially designed for
bulk generation and AppleScript automation. Barcode Automator supports 9
different symbologies, includes vectorized EPS, TIFF, and JPEG export
capabilities, and comes bundled with OCR typography.

Product Home Page: (http://www.intellisw.com/barcodeautomator/)

New in this update:

– Enhanced barcode value editor, including faster import/export operations,
a streamlined interface for step and repeat sequential value addition, a
more readable text font for viewing, and keyboard-based record editing

– Compatibility patch for recent versions of “haxie” software (or,
technically speaking, products that specifically makes calls into the

– New PostScript name matching exports font names in EPS files using their
PostScript equivalent, instead of their standard form.

– Barcode value exports are now in Unicode (UTF-8)

Due to the changes made with “haxie” compatibility and PostScript name
matching, this update is strongly recommended for Mac OS X 10.3.4 users.

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