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Barcode Automator 2.2


Intelli Innovations, Inc. has posted point release Barcode Automator 2.2.

Barcode Automator is our specialized barcoding suite specially designed for
bulk generation and AppleScript automation. Barcode Automator supports 9
different symbologies, includes vectorized EPS, TIFF, and JPEG export
capabilities, and comes bundled with OCR typography.

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New in this update:

– Enhanced barcode value editor, including faster import/export operations,
a streamlined interface for step and repeat sequential value addition, a
more readable text font for viewing, and keyboard-based record editing

– Compatibility patch for recent versions of “haxie” software (or,
technically speaking, products that specifically makes calls into the

– New PostScript name matching exports font names in EPS files using their
PostScript equivalent, instead of their standard form.

– Barcode value exports are now in Unicode (UTF-8)

Due to the changes made with “haxie” compatibility and PostScript name
matching, this update is strongly recommended for Mac OS X 10.3.4 users.

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