Vara Software Announces Wirecast for Macintosh – Webcasting like you’ve
never seen before.

London, England – May 04, 2004 – Vara Software today introduced
Wirecast for Macintosh, a powerful yet simple broadcasting software
package built for the professional webcaster.

“Wirecast goes well beyond a simple talking head broadcast, offering
professional titles, smooth transitions, and multiple camera support,”
said Paul Carnine, co-founder and president of products. “All of this
is packed into an innovative interface that allows the Webcasting
operator to focus on the broadcast as it unfolds, dynamically choosing
between pre-built shots with a single click.”

“Wirecast can do this because it handles the hard work of making smooth
transitions between even complex shots,” said Simon Clarke, co-founder
and president of technology. “In other words, technology is used by
Wirecast to make webcasting simple and intuitive.”

In addition to being extremely versatile, Wirecast is also amazingly
fast. “The Wirecast 3D rendering engine leverages Quartz Extreme and
your Graphics card to offer broadcast quality output with very little
CPU usage,” continued Mr. Clarke. “Even during the complex transitions
and effects, Wirecast offloads processing onto the Graphics card, which
means you get incredible output on even low end systems.”

Wirecast is built for MacOSX, 10.3 (“Panther”), requires Quartz
Extreme, and is optimized for multiple processors. Wirecast fully
supports QuickTime and ISO MPEG-4 streaming by leveraging the industry
standard QuickTime/Darwin Streaming Server.

About Vara Software:

Vara Software, Limited, founded in 2003, develops media related
software. Vara Software is located in London, England. More information
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