SureType for Macintosh OS X Released
SureType Automates Repetitive Tasks, Such as Typing Common Text, by Watching
What You Type

BOSTON, MA – Apr. 27, 2004 — SureType for Macintosh OS X, which allows
users to define text shortcuts that insert frequently typed text, open
websites and applications, is now available from Rampell Software. With
SureType, by typing address\ (address + backslash) SureType will insert your
full address, or by typing excel\ SureType will open Microsoft Excel. This
is similar to Microsoft Word’s AutoCorrect feature, but is much more
powerful and works from any application. Not only can SureType insert
frequently used text items and speed up your typing, like TypeIt4Me, but it
can also put your favorite files, folders, and applications at your

SureType is very simple to configure and use, and comes with about 30
shortcuts preconfigured. Any word or series of letters can easily be
configured into a SureType shortcut; typing fax\ can automatically enter
your fax number, or date\ can insert the current date. SureType saves users
a significant amount of repetitive typing.

Any SureType shortcut can be activated by typing the shortcut name plus the
SureType “expansion key,” which can be changed to any key on your computer,
but is by default the backslash key. You can assign shortcuts to any file,
folder, website, e-mail address, or text. Shortcuts can be activated by
typing, hotkeys, or via a system-wide menu. Unlike competing products,
SureType does not require any changes to be made to your input mode or
character set.

SureType requires Mac OS 10.2 or higher, and is also available for Windows.
It comes with a free 14-day trial, and can be purchased for $19.95 directly
from the SureType website, or is available for free if users tell their
friends about SureType through the website. For more information see

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