Edgeos Launches Nessus Security Scanner Knowledge Base


(Phoenix, Arizona) April 14, 2004 —
Edgeos, a leading provider of network security auditing and vulnerability
assessment managed services, announced today the release of the Nessus
Security Scanner Knowledge Base. Nessus is the world’s leading open
source vulnerability scanning software, and Edgeos’ Nessus Knowledge Base
is provided as a free technical resource to the global information
security and Nessus communities.

“The Nessus vulnerability scanner is a true open source success story in
every way,” said Erik Stephens, Edgeos’ Vice President of Software
Development. “However, because Nessus is so robust, the wealth of
configuration options can sometimes be daunting. Edgeos’ Nessus Knowledge
Base strives to provide a detailed technical resource to help the
security community use Nessus to its greatest potential and successfully
defend networks from attacks.”

Edgeos’ Nessus Knowledge Base contains information and documentation
about every option and configuration variable for the Nessus
vulnerability scanner. The knowledge base contains all of the options for
the Nessus command-line client, GTK GUI client, and .nessusrc
configuration files. Each option is documented, including a name,
description, default setting, enable/disable considerations,
scan/host/network impacts, and much more. Additionally, the knowledge
base cross-references all of the Nessus options and provides information
about dependencies between options such as peer and child relationships.

Edgeos’ Nessus Knowledge Base is located at:


About Edgeos
Edgeos provides managed vulnerability assessment and network security
auditing services for information security professionals, VARs, IT
consultants, service providers, and medium/large enterprises. Edgeos
offers both internal and external assessments as managed services that do
not require customers to purchase any hardware or software. Edgeos’
services combine multiple leading open source network and security tools
into a single integrated system. Edgeos’ default suite leverages the
strengths of more than 12 unique tools to provide extremely robust
vulnerability assessment and auditing services. Edgeos also supports
custom tools and scripts added to the default suite. This gives customers
the flexibility to fine-tune Edgeos’ services to meet their needs and
automatically include almost any network and security auditing tools
their business requires.

Customers have used Edgeos’ services to identify over 138,300
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