Tri-CATALOG 5.01 :

Files are very easy to locate on hard disks. Tri-CATALOG offers the
same simplicity for files and pictures located on CDs, cartridges,
etc. Tri-CATALOG is a file and picture cataloger for Mac OS X.

Tri-CATALOG 5 new user interface is even more powerful thanks to new
floating windows. Tri-CATALOG 5 also offers new options to set
comments and marks for files and pictures. A new HTML export feature
allow you to publish your pictures on the Web.

Tri-CATALOG 5.01 is free for Tri-CATALOG 5 users.

New features in version 5.01:
– Numerous picture formats are recognised
– Two picture display modes: by thumbnails or by list
– Mark palette to sort pictures easily
– Preview palette
– Numerous export options
– HTML export for picture and file list
– Standard mode or read only mode
– Runs natively on Mac OS X (Carbon version), Mac OS 9 and Mac OS 8.6

Price : $99 ($69 for the upgrade)

Available: now

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