WOODLAND HILLS, CA [March 1, 2004] Gefen Inc., a manufacturer of third
party support solutions for computer and electronic systems, announced the
release of its ex-tend-it FireWire Extender, a new addition to its
ex-tend-it Professional Series product line.

IEEE 1394 FireWire is a popular interface used on Apple computers and
electronic video devices such as digital cameras and displays. With Gefen’s
new FireWire Extender, any device with a FireWire port can be extended
great distances from the computer or source, effectively operating anywhere
within a 1640-feet (500-meter) distance.

The FireWire Extender uses a sender and receiver system to transmit data at
an average rate of 350 to 400mbps. Installation takes minutes and requires
the sender to be connected to the source and the receiver to be connected
to the remote device via FireWire. Data is sent along multimode,
LC-terminated fiber optics cables that connect the sender (source) to the
receiver (remote device).

Currently available for purchase online at for $899 (US), the
FireWire Extender includes short-range connection cables and an external
power supply. Assorted lengths of fiber optics cabling are sold through
Gefen as well. The FireWire Extender may also be purchased through one of
Gefen’s domestic or international dealers, listed online and available by
emailing or calling (800) 545-6900.


IEEE1394b draft compliant
Power supply: DC12~40V (max.500mA)
Duplex LC type optical port
Laser Class 1 eye safety compliant: 850nm VCSEL
Data rates: S100 (122.44 Mbps), S200 (245.76 Mbps), S400 (491.52 Mbps)
Dimensions (inches): 3.89w x.86h x 3.5d
Shipping weight: 3 lbs.

About Gefen Inc:

Gefen provides computer and electronics connectivity solutions through its
ex-tend-it Professional Series, which offers multi-platform extension,
switching, distribution and conversion technologies. Gefen is currently
pioneering a full line of HDTV products that enable high definition digital
video signals to be split, switched and extended. A selection of HDMI,
fiber optics, DVI and CAT5 cabling is also available through Gefen as well
as audio, USB, CAT5, PS/2, RS232 and similar peripheral support solutions.
Detailed product information may be found at